A Case Study of the Technology Use and Information Flow at a Hospital-Driven Telemedicine Service.

Publication Date: 
Oct 17, 2017

Health care services face the challenge of providing individualised treatment to a growing ageing population prone to chronic conditions and multi-morbidities. The research project Patients and Professionals in Productive Teams aims to study health care services that are run with a patient-centred teamwork approach. In this context, a case study was made of a hospital-driven telemedicine service for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients after hospital discharge, with a focus on information flow and technology use. The methods used were observation and interviews with key informants. The results showed that the technology was perceived as well-functioning for telemedicine support, but the technology used was a standalone system and not integrated with the electronic health record of the hospital. In addition, there was lack of support to provide the patients at home with written instructions on advices of medical treatment and care. The electronic information used for this telemedicine services, allowed shared access of information for teamwork between professional only within the hospital.

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