Commentary: pediatric eHealth interventions: common challenges during development, implementation, and dissemination.

Publication Date: 
Jun 19, 2014

OBJECTIVE: To provide an overview of common challenges that pediatric eHealth researchers may encounter when planning, developing, testing, and disseminating eHealth interventions along with proposed solutions for addressing these challenges.

METHODS: The article draws on the existing eHealth literature and the authors' collective experience in pediatric eHealth research.

RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: The challenges associated with eHealth interventions and their proposed solutions are multifaceted and cut across a number of areas from eHealth program development through dissemination. Collaboration with a range of individuals (e.g., multidisciplinary colleagues, commercial entities, primary stakeholders) is the key to eHealth intervention success. To ensure adequate resources for design, development, and planning for sustainability, a number of public and private sources of funding are available. A study design that addresses ethical concerns and security issues is critical to ensure scientific integrity and intervention dissemination. Table I summarizes key issues to consider during eHealth intervention development, testing, and dissemination.

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