Computer-aided video exposure monitoring.

Publication Date: 
Mar 08, 2000

A computer-aided video exposure monitoring system was used to record exposure information. The system comprised a handheld camcorder, portable video cassette recorder, radio-telemetry transmitter/receiver, and handheld or notebook computers for remote data logging, photoionization gas/vapor detectors (PIDs), and a personal aerosol monitor. The following workplaces were surveyed using the system: dry cleaning establishments--monitoring tetrachoroethylene in the air and in breath; printing works--monitoring white spirit type solvent; tire manufacturing factory--monitoring rubber fume; and a slate quarry--monitoring respirable dust and quartz. The system based on the handheld computer, in particular, simplified the data acquisition process compared with earlier systems in use by our laboratory. The equipment is more compact and easier to operate, and allows more accurate calibration of the instrument reading on the video image. Although a variety of data display formats are possible, the best format for videos intended for educational and training purposes was the review-preview chart superimposed on the video image of the work process. Recommendations for reducing exposure by engineering or by modifying work practice were possible through use of the video exposure system in the dry cleaning and tire manufacturing applications. The slate quarry work illustrated how the technique can be used to test ventilation configurations quickly to see their effect on the worker's personal exposure.