Effect of a mobile health, sensor-driven asthma management platform on asthma control.

Publication Date: 
Nov 18, 2017

BACKGROUND: Asthma inflicts a significant health and economic burden in the United States. Self-management approaches to monitoring and treatment can be burdensome for patients.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of a digital health management program on asthma outcomes.

METHODS: Residents of Louisville, Kentucky, with asthma were enrolled in a single-arm pilot study. Participants received electronic inhaler sensors that tracked the time, frequency, and location of short-acting β-agonist (SABA) use. After a 30-day baseline period during which reference medication use was recorded by the sensors, participants received access to a digital health intervention designed to enhance self-management. Changes in outcomes, including mean daily SABA use, symptom-free days, and asthma control status, were compared among the initial 30-day baseline period and all subsequent months of the intervention using mixed-model logistic regressions and χ(2) tests.

RESULTS: The mean number of SABA events per participant per day was 0.44 during the control period and 0.27 after the first month of the intervention, a 39% reduction. The percentage of symptom-free days was 77% during the baseline period and 86% after the first month, a 12% improvement. Improvement was observed throughout the study; each intervention month demonstrated significantly lower SABA use and higher symptom-free days than the baseline month (P < .001). Sixty-nine percent had well-controlled asthma during the baseline period, 67% during the first month of the intervention. Each intervention month demonstrated significantly higher percentages than the baseline month (P < .001), except for month 1 (P = .80).

CONCLUSION: A digital health asthma management intervention demonstrated significant reductions in SABA use, increased number of symptom-free days, and improvements in asthma control.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02162576.