Effectiveness of the GoCheck Kids Vision Screener in Detecting Amblyopia Risk Factors.

Publication Date: 
Jan 01, 0000

Effectiveness of the GoCheck Kids Vision Screener in Detecting Amblyopia Risk Factors, MMW Peterseim, RS Rhodes, RN Patel, ME Wilson, LE Edmondson, SA Logan, EW Cheeseman, E Shortridge, RH Trivedi.

INTRODUCTION: The GoCheck Kids smartphone photoscreening app (Gobiquity Mobile Health, Scottsdale, Arizona), introduced in 2014, is marketed to pediatricians with little published validation. We wished to evaluate the GoCheck Kids Screener for accuracy in detecting amblyopia risk factors (ARF) using 2013 AAPOS guidelines.

DESIGN: Validity assessment.

METHODS: Children 6 months to 6 years of age presenting from October 2016 to August 2017 were included. Children were screened with the GoCheck preloaded Nokia Lumia 1020, software version 4.6 with image processing version R4d, prior to undergoing a comprehensive eye exam by a pediatric ophthalmologist masked to the screener results. Determination of the presence of age-specific ARF was made based upon the examination and compared with the GoCheck recommendation.

RESULTS: A total of 206 children were included (average age 43 months). When compared to examination, GoCheck had a sensitivity of 76.0% and specificity of 67.2% in detecting ARF. Positive predictive value was 57.0% and negative predictive value 83.0%. The screener results of 13 children were changed from "no risk factors" to "risk factors identified" based upon the GoCheck remote review process. Four images remained "not gradable" and screening was unsuccessful in three children.

CONCLUSION: In our high-risk population, this version of the Gocheck Kids smartphone app was useful in identifying ARF in children who are often not able to cooperate with visual acuity testing. This study informs pediatricians about the efficacy of this new screener as they make decisions about how to best detect vision problems in young children.