Monitoring of compliance on an individual treatment through mobile innovations.

Publication Date: 
Jan 07, 2016

The present work examines the potential of smartphone usage for offering health services to elderly patients. The purpose of this work is the design, development, and implementation of a telemedicine application. This application aims to improve the monitoring mode and increase patient adherence to the instructions assigned by the medical staff. It consists of three parts: the doctor's application (Web Application), the patient's application (Android Application) and the Web Server of the platform, where the database is stored necessary for the smooth operation of the platform. Also the Web Server hosts the doctor's Web Application. The Web Application is based on web front-end technologies, providing the medical personnel with a variety of features and useful actions. These actions and capabilities are mainly relevant to the assignment of instructions to patients and the monitoring of their health progress. The Android Application has been implemented and validated for the Android-based mobile devices operating system and consists of a handy and user-friendly environment, equipped with the right tools so that the patient has the ability to update the system on the progress of his/her health by storing the appropriate measurements. Both applications also provide customization capabilities in regards to the patients' and doctors' profile.