Proactive authenticated notifications for health practitioners: two way human computer interaction through phone.

Publication Date: 
Aug 09, 2012

Notifications and alerts play an important role in clinical daily routine. Rising prevalence of clinical decision support systems and electronic health records also result in increasing demands on notification systems. Failure adequately to communicate a critical value is a potential cause of adverse events. Critical laboratory values and changing vital data depend on timely notifications of medical staff. Vital monitors and medical devices rely on acoustic signals for alerting which are prone to "alert fatigue" and require medical staff to be present within audible range. Personal computers are unsuitable to display time critical notification messages, since the targeted medical staff are not always operating or watching the computer. On the other hand, mobile phones and smart devices enjoy increasing popularity. Previous notification systems sending text messages to mobile phones depend on asynchronous confirmations. By utilizing an automated telephony server, we provide a method to deliver notifications quickly and independently of the recipients' whereabouts while allowing immediate feedback and confirmations. Evaluation results suggest the feasibility of the proposed notification system for real-time notifications.

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