Target User

  • Client The direct consumer and beneficiary of a health service.
  • Community-based health worker Formally recognized care provider, based in the community, providing preventative and curative services. Activity is not limited to a fixed site. Also sometimes referred to as "Frontline" or "Community" Health Workers.
  • Facility-based health worker A formally recognized member of the health system responsible for directly or indirectly providing health services, including: physicians, nurses, midwives and other clinical staff; pharmacists and laboratory technicians; environmental and public health workers.
  • Manager One who is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling human, financial and material resources, for the purposes of delivering health services. This would also include supervisors.
  • Social support network A family member or friend (not trained or certified) who provides unpaid, non-clinical care for a client who requires their assistance. Also referred to as "Caregiver".