The international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity

Effect of a mobile app intervention on vegetable consumption in overweight adults: a randomized controlled trial.

Publication Date: 
Sep 16, 2017

BACKGROUND: Mobile applications (apps) have been heralded as transformative tools to deliver behavioral health interventions at scale, but few have been tested in rigorous randomized controlled trials.

ServAR: An augmented reality tool to guide the serving of food.

Publication Date: 
May 13, 2017

BACKGROUND: Accurate estimation of food portion size is a difficult task. Visual cues are important mediators of portion size and therefore technology-based aids may assist consumers when serving and estimating food portions.

Iterative development of Vegethon: a theory-based mobile app intervention to increase vegetable consumption.

Publication Date: 
Aug 09, 2016

BACKGROUND: Mobile technology may serve as a cost-effective and scalable tool for delivering behavioral nutrition interventions. This research sought to iteratively develop a theory-driven mobile app, Vegethon, to increase vegetable consumption.