Journal of cancer survivorship : research and practice

A user-centred approach to developing bWell, a mobile app for arm and shoulder exercises after breast cancer treatment.

Publication Date: 
Jul 25, 2017

PURPOSE: The study aim was to develop a mobile application (app) supported by user preferences to optimise self-management of arm and shoulder exercises for upper-limb dysfunction (ULD) after breast cancer treatment.

Ambulant monitoring and web-accessible home-based exercise program during outpatient follow-up for resected lung cancer survivors: actual use and feasibility in clinical practice.

Publication Date: 
Apr 11, 2017

PURPOSE: The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of a telehealthcare application for operable lung cancer (OLC) patients, consisting of ambulant symptom and physical activity monitoring (S&PAM) and a web-accessible home-based exercise program (WEP), and identify possible barriers

Achieving value in mobile health applications for cancer survivors.

Publication Date: 
Mar 25, 2017

PURPOSE: This study aimed to identify appropriate development and testing strategies for mobile health applications for cancer survivors.