Perceptions of a mobile technology on learning strategies in the anatomy laboratory.

Publication Date: 
Mar 15, 2013

Mobile technologies offer new opportunities to improve dissection learning. This study examined the effect of using an iPad-based multimedia dissection manual during anatomy laboratory instruction on learner's perception of anatomy dissection activities and use of time.

Audience response systems in medical student education benefit learners and presenters.

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Publication Date: 
Mar 19, 2008

RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: We sought to assess how the use of an audience response system (ARS) in medical student radiology instruction affects the self-confidence, ability to gauge mastery, and insights for future preparation in students when they participate as audience members and when they gi

Reasons why adolescents and young adults have sex: associations with psychological characteristics and sexual behavior.

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Publication Date: 
Aug 07, 2008

This study examined associations of psychological characteristics and sexual behavior with types of reasons for episodes of sexual intercourse among youth.

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[Non-attendance at a pediatric outpatient clinic. SMS text messaging improves attendance].

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Publication Date: 
May 05, 2009

INTRODUCTION: To assess whether short message service (SMS) text message reminders would reduce non-attendance at a paediatric outpatient clinic. Furthermore, we wanted to clarify the families' attitude towards receiving an SMS reminder.

Addictive personality and problematic mobile phone use.

Publication Date: 
Oct 12, 2009

Mobile phone use is banned or regulated in some circumstances. Despite recognized safety concerns and legal regulations, some people do not refrain from using mobile phones. Such problematic mobile phone use can be considered to be an addiction-like behavior.