Attitude to Health

The burden of attending a pediatric surgical clinic and family preferences toward telemedicine.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Oct 19, 2015

BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Indirect expenses for accessing health care may place significant fiscal strain on Canadian families. Telemedicine alternatives, using email, telephone, and video conferencing, can mitigate such financial burdens by reducing travel and related costs.

Attitudes and perceptions of patients on the kidney transplant waiting list toward mobile health-delivered physical activity programs.

Publication Date: 
Mar 12, 2015

CONTEXT: Dialysis patients' lifestyles are associated with low levels of physical activity, increasing the chances of being removed from kidney waiting lists or dying while awaiting transplant because of increased cardiovascular risk factors and deteriorating health conditions.

"It's time for your life": How should we remind patients to take medicines using short text messages?

Publication Date: 
Jun 02, 2011

The objective of this paper is to characterize effective patient care reminder strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) to improve antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence) using short message service (SMS) based on patient perspectives.

Social media use by orthodontic patients.

Publication Date: 
Jan 08, 2014

UNLABELLED: Internet-based social media sites have recently surged in popularity and are often used to share thoughts and seek support about health issues.

A pilot study to assess perceptions of using SMS as a medium for health information in a rural setting.

Publication Date: 
Apr 25, 2014

BACKGROUND: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in health is not merely about technology but a means to reach various optimal outcomes across the entire health system.