Attitude of Health Personnel

Evaluation of telephone first approach to demand management in English general practice: observational study.

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Publication Date: 
Sep 28, 2017

Objective To evaluate a "telephone first" approach, in which all patients wanting to see a general practitioner (GP) are asked to speak to a GP on the phone before being given an appointment for a face to face consultation.Design Time series and cross sectional analysis of routine healt

Assessing the Impact of Telemedicine on Nursing Care in Intensive Care Units.

Publication Date: 
Jan 02, 2016

BACKGROUND: Information on the impact of tele-intensive care on nursing and priority areas of nursing care is limited.

OBJECTIVES: To conduct a national benchmarking survey of nurses working in intensive care telemedicine facilities in the United States.

Potential for the use of mHealth in the management of cardiovascular disease in Kerala: a qualitative study.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 20, 2015

OBJECTIVES: To assess the potential for using mHealth in cardiovascular disease (CVD) management in Kerala by exploring: (1) experiences and challenges of current CVD management; (2) current mobile phone use; (3) expectations of and barriers to mobile phone use in CVD management.

Prejudices and perceptions: patient acceptance of mobile technology use in health care.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 13, 2015

mHealth is transforming health care, yet few studies have evaluated patient and carer perceptions of the use of smartphones at the patient bedside. In this study, 70 patients and carers answered a short survey on health professionals' use of mobile devices.

More Than Telemonitoring: Health Provider Use and Nonuse of Life-Log Data in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Weight Management.

Publication Date: 
Aug 22, 2015

BACKGROUND: The quantified self, self-monitoring or life-logging movement is a trend to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person's daily life in terms of inputs (eg food consumed), states (eg mood), and performance (mental and physical).