Biomedical Technology

Mobile Health Devices as Tools for Worldwide Cardiovascular Risk Reduction and Disease Management.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 24, 2015

We examined evidence on whether mobile health (mHealth) tools, including interactive voice response calls, short message service, or text messaging, and smartphones, can improve lifestyle behaviors and management related to cardiovascular diseases throughout the world.

Information and communication technology-enabled person-centered care for the "big five" chronic conditions: scoping review.

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Apr 02, 2015

BACKGROUND: Person-centered information and communication technology (ICT) could encourage patients to take an active part in their health care and decision-making process, and make it possible for patients to interact directly with health care providers and services about their personal health c

Mobile device for disease diagnosis and data tracking in resource-limited settings.

Publication Date: 
Jan 28, 2015

Here we describe a low-cost mobile device that combines cell-phone and satellite communication technologies with fluid miniaturization techniques for performing all essential functions of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

New technology and illness self-management: Potential relevance for resource-poor populations in Asia.

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Nov 02, 2015

Advances in technology have made it possible for many standard diagnostic and health monitoring procedures, traditionally carried out by qualified personnel within medical facilities, to be reliably undertaken by patients or carers in their own homes with a minimum of basic training.

Evaluation of an mHealth intervention aiming to improve health-related behavior and sleep and reduce fatigue among airline pilots.

Publication Date: 
Nov 04, 2014

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of an mHealth intervention (intervention using mobile technology) consisting of tailored advice regarding exposure to daylight, sleep, physical activity, and nutrition, and aiming to improve health-related behavior, thereby reducing sl

iMedEd: the role of mobile health technologies in medical education.

Publication Date: 
Aug 27, 2014

Mobile health (mHealth) technologies have experienced a recent surge in attention because of their potential to transform the delivery of health care.