Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring

Pattern of active and inactive sequences of diabetes self-monitoring in mobile phone and paper diary users.

Publication Date: 
Jan 07, 2016

In a pilot randomized controlled trial involving overweight or obese participants with type 2 diabetes, we find that smartphone users have sharply higher adherence to self-monitoring of diet, physical activity, blood glucose, and body weight, as compared to paper diary users.

How do mobile phone diabetes programs drive behavior change? Evidence from a mixed methods observational cohort study.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Nov 11, 2014

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the behavioral effects of a theory-driven, mobile phone-based intervention that combines automated text messaging and remote nursing, using an automated, interactive text messaging system.

Improvements in illness self-management and psychological distress associated with telemonitoring support for adults with diabetes.

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Publication Date: 
Mar 11, 2015

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this observational open label trial was to characterize changes in diabetes self-management and psychological distress associated with a mobile health (mHealth) interactive voice response (IVR) self-management support program.