Cell Phones

Connecting Mobility to Infectious Diseases: The Promise and Limits of Mobile Phone Data.

Publication Date: 
Aug 23, 2017

Human travel can shape infectious disease dynamics by introducing pathogens into susceptible populations or by changing the frequency of contacts between infected and susceptible individuals.

[Portable Epileptic Seizure Monitoring Intelligent System Based on Android System].

Publication Date: 
Jul 06, 2016

The clinical electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring systems based on personal computer system can not meet the requirements of portability and home usage. The epilepsy patients have to be monitored in hospital for an extended period of time, which imposes a heavy burden on hospitals.

The Performance of a Mobile Phone Respiratory Rate Counter Compared to the WHO ARI Timer.

Publication Date: 
Mar 25, 2016

OBJECTIVE: To compare the accuracy and efficiency of the respiratory rate (RR) RRate mobile application to the WHO ARI Timer.

The mPower study, Parkinson disease mobile data collected using ResearchKit.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Mar 04, 2016

Current measures of health and disease are often insensitive, episodic, and subjective. Further, these measures generally are not designed to provide meaningful feedback to individuals. The impact of high-resolution activity data collected from mobile phones is only beginning to be explored.

Mobile Phone Health Applications for the Federal Sector.

Publication Date: 
Feb 14, 2016

PURPOSE: As the US healthcare system moves toward a mobile care model, mobile phones will play a significant role in the future of healthcare delivery.