Clinical Alarms

Proactive authenticated notifications for health practitioners: two way human computer interaction through phone.

Publication Date: 
Aug 09, 2012

Notifications and alerts play an important role in clinical daily routine. Rising prevalence of clinical decision support systems and electronic health records also result in increasing demands on notification systems.

Usability testing of a prototype Phone Oximeter with healthcare providers in high- and low-medical resource environments.

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Publication Date: 
Aug 06, 2012

To increase the use of pulse oximetry by capitalise on the wide availability of mobile phones, we have designed, developed and evaluated a prototype pulse oximeter interfaced to a mobile phone. Usability of this Phone Oximeter was tested as part of a rapid prototyping process.

Smartphone-based solutions for fall detection and prevention: the FARSEEING approach.

Publication Date: 
Nov 27, 2012

Falls are not an inevitable consequence of aging. The risk and rate of falls can be reduced. Recent improvements in smartphone technology enable implementation of a wide variety of services and applications, thus making the smartphone more of a digital companion than simply a communication tool.