Cluster Analysis

Effectiveness of a combination strategy for linkage and retention in adult HIV care in Swaziland: The Link4Health cluster randomized trial.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 07, 2017

BACKGROUND: Gaps in the HIV care continuum contribute to poor health outcomes and increase HIV transmission. A combination of interventions targeting multiple steps in the continuum is needed to achieve the full beneficial impact of HIV treatment.

Evaluation of an oral health intervention among mothers of young children: a clustered randomized trial.

Publication Date: 
Jul 16, 2015

BACKGROUND: Oral health education for the mothers of very young children is important in reducing the risk of early childhood caries. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of an oral health intervention among mothers of 1-2 years old children.

The Global Trachoma Mapping Project: Methodology of a 34-Country Population-Based Study.

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Publication Date: 
Jul 10, 2015

PURPOSE: To complete the baseline trachoma map worldwide by conducting population-based surveys in an estimated 1238 suspected endemic districts of 34 countries.

Mapping publication trends and identifying hot spots of research on Internet health information seeking behavior: a quantitative and co-word biclustering analysis.

Publication Date: 
Apr 02, 2015

BACKGROUND: The Internet has become an established source of health information for people seeking health information. In recent years, research on the health information seeking behavior of Internet users has become an increasingly important scholarly focus.

Detecting COPD exacerbations early using daily telemonitoring of symptoms and k-means clustering: a pilot study.

Publication Date: 
Mar 18, 2015

COPD places an enormous burden on the healthcare systems and causes diminished health-related quality of life. The highest proportion of human and economic cost is associated with admissions for acute exacerbation of respiratory symptoms (AECOPD).

Household disaster preparedness and information sources: Rapid cluster survey after a storm in New South Wales, Australia.

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Publication Date: 
Jul 07, 2008

BACKGROUND: A storm-related disaster in New South Wales, Australia in June 2007 caused infrastructure damage, interrupted essential services, and presented major public health risks. We investigated household disaster preparedness and information sources used before and during the disaster.

Spatiotemporal analysis of sensor logs using growth ring maps.

Publication Date: 
Oct 16, 2009

Spatiotemporal analysis of sensor logs is a challenging research field due to three facts: a) traditional two-dimensional maps do not support multiple events to occur at the same spatial location, b) three-dimensional solutions introduce ambiguity and are hard to navigate, and c) map distortions