Computer Systems

Video Conferencing Services in Healthcare: One Communication Platform to Support All.

Publication Date: 
Aug 12, 2015

We present a novel approach to the design of video conferencing (VC) systems, taking advantage of recent technological achievements in web-based implementation.

Tailored motivational message generation: A model and practical framework for real-time physical activity coaching.

Publication Date: 
Jun 09, 2015

This paper presents a comprehensive and practical framework for automatic generation of real-time tailored messages in behavior change applications. Basic aspects of motivational messages are time, intention, content and presentation.

Testing an mHealth momentary assessment Routine Outcome Monitoring application: a focus on restoration of daily life positive mood states.

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Publication Date: 
Dec 17, 2014

BACKGROUND: Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) is used as a means to enrich the process of treatment with feedback on patient outcomes, facilitating patient involvement and shared decision making.

Using web services to realize remote hearing assessment.

Publication Date: 
Feb 16, 2010

BACKGROUND: Internet-based tele-audiology is expected to relieve the dilemma between the lack of resources and high demand of audiological care services.

E-readers are more effective than paper for some with dyslexia.

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Publication Date: 
Sep 23, 2013

E-readers are fast rivaling print as a dominant method for reading. Because they offer accessibility options that are impossible in print, they are potentially beneficial for those with impairments, such as dyslexia.

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Adolescent | 
Attention | 
Books | 
Dyslexia | 
Female | 
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Mobile cloud-computing-based healthcare service by noncontact ECG monitoring.

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Publication Date: 
Dec 09, 2013

Noncontact electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement technique has gained popularity these days owing to its noninvasive features and convenience in daily life use.

A sophisticated mechanism for enabling real-time mobile access to PHR data.

Publication Date: 
Jul 04, 2013

Faced with rapid changes, such as growing complexity in care delivery, health systems nowadays fall short in their ability to translate knowledge into practice.

Development of ClickClinica: a novel smartphone application to generate real-time global disease surveillance and clinical practice data.

Publication Date: 
Jul 30, 2013

BACKGROUND: Identification and tracking of important communicable diseases is pivotal to our understanding of the geographical distribution of disease, the emergence and spread of novel and resistant infections, and are of particular importance for public health policy planning.