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Digital and social media opportunities for dietary behaviour change.

Publication Date: 
May 22, 2015

The way that people communicate, consume media and seek and receive information is changing. Forty per cent of the world's population now has an internet connection, the average global social media penetration is 39% and 1·5 billion people have internet access via mobile phone.

A cellular-telephone model of assessing frontal lobe function in physicians.

Publication Date: 
Dec 06, 2007

As people age, they recognize that social conduct has become worse. This is not just a failing of the young but also a reflection of modern technology, notably the cellular telephone.

Developing next-generation telehealth tools and technologies: patients, systems, and data perspectives.

Publication Date: 
Feb 03, 2010

The major goals of telemedicine today are to develop next-generation telehealth tools and technologies to enhance healthcare delivery to medically underserved populations using telecommunication technology, to increase access to medical specialty services while decreasing healthcare costs, and to