Delivery of Health Care

How smartphones are changing the face of mobile and participatory healthcare: an overview, with example from eCAALYX.

Publication Date: 
Apr 21, 2011

The latest generation of smartphones are increasingly viewed as handheld computers rather than as phones, due to their powerful on-board computing capability, capacious memories, large screens and open operating systems that encourage application development.

Third generation cellular multimedia teleconsultations in plastic surgery.

Publication Date: 
May 20, 2011

We conducted a study to test whether new third generation (3G) mobile phones could be integrated into service as a working tool between plastic surgeons. During an eight-month period, 58 multimedia consultations were performed involving 57 patients.

Special delivery: an analysis of mHealth in maternal and newborn health programs and their outcomes around the world.

Publication Date: 
Jun 28, 2012

Mobile health (mHealth) encompasses the use of mobile telecommunication and multimedia into increasingly mobile and wireless health care delivery systems and has the potential to improve tens of thousands of lives each year.

Health systems in an interconnected world: a view from Nigeria.

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Publication Date: 
Jul 22, 2011

The benefits of an interconnected world for health care remain untapped. As a result of the politics of inequality between rich and poor countries, one or a few health systems are set up as models.

Technological choices for mobile clinical applications.

Publication Date: 
Sep 06, 2011

The rise of cheaper and more powerful mobile devices make them a new and attractive platform for clinical applications. The interaction paradigm and portability of the device facilitates bedside human-machine interactions.

Healthcare in the pocket: mapping the space of mobile-phone health interventions.

Publication Date: 
Feb 03, 2012

Mobile phones are becoming an increasingly important platform for the delivery of health interventions.