Improving accuracy and efficiency of early warning scores in acute care.

Publication Date: 
Jan 07, 2009

BACKGROUND: Early warning scores (EWS) are an integral part of the care of acutely ill patients. Unfortunately, in the few studies where the accuracy of EWS has been tested it has been found to be lacking, with serious implications for quality of care.

Physical activity and adolescents: an exploratory randomized controlled trial investigating the influence of affective and instrumental text messages.

Publication Date: 
Oct 05, 2010

OBJECTIVE: The present study attempts to develop and pilot the feasibility and efficacy of a novel intervention using affective messages as a strategy to increase physical activity (PA) levels in adolescents.

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Text message reminders of appointments: a pilot intervention at four community mental health clinics in London.

Publication Date: 
Feb 03, 2012

OBJECTIVE: Forgetting is commonly stated as a reason for missing mental health appointments. The authors examined the effect of short message service (SMS), or text message, reminders on the attendance of appointments at four community mental health clinics in London.

Can a tablet device alter undergraduate science students' study behavior and use of technology?

Publication Date: 
Jun 05, 2012

This article reports findings from a study investigating undergraduate biological sciences students' use of technology and computer devices for learning and the effect of providing students with a tablet device.