Fuzzy Logic

Telemedicine Supported Chronic Wound Tissue Prediction Using Classification Approaches.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Jan 05, 2016

Telemedicine helps to deliver health services electronically to patients with the advancement of communication systems and health informatics. Chronic wound (CW) detection and its healing rate assessment at remote distance is very much difficult due to unavailability of expert doctors.

Mobile health in maternal and newborn care: fuzzy logic.

Publication Date: 
Jul 07, 2014

Whether mHealth improves maternal and newborn health outcomes remains uncertain as the response is perhaps not true or false but lies somewhere in between when considering unintended harmful consequences.

A system for automatic detection of momentary stress in naturalistic settings.

Publication Date: 
Sep 07, 2012

Prolonged exposure to stressful environments can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, measuring stress in daily life situations through non-invasive procedures has become a significant research challenge.