Proactive authenticated notifications for health practitioners: two way human computer interaction through phone.

Publication Date: 
Aug 09, 2012

Notifications and alerts play an important role in clinical daily routine. Rising prevalence of clinical decision support systems and electronic health records also result in increasing demands on notification systems.

Development of a mobile teledermatology system.

Publication Date: 
Nov 08, 2012

OBJECTIVE: The increasing number of elderly and chronically ill patients is currently stressing healthcare systems. One of the solutions for reaching an economically and socially viable solution is exploiting the benefits of modern technologies.

Mobile real-time data acquisition system for application in preventive medicine.

Publication Date: 
May 28, 2010

In this article, the development of a system for online monitoring of a subject's physiological parameters and subjective workload regardless of location has been presented, which allows for studies on occupational health.

Use and acceptance of electronic communication by patients with multiple sclerosis: a multicenter questionnaire study.

Publication Date: 
Oct 16, 2012

BACKGROUND: The number of multiple sclerosis (MS) information websites, online communities, and Web-based health education programs has been increasing.

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[QR-Code based patient tracking: a cost-effective option to improve patient safety].

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Publication Date: 
Feb 22, 2013

BACKGROUND: Hospitals are implementing a risk management system to avoid patient or surgery mix-ups. The trend is to use preoperative checklists. This work deals specifically with a type of patient identification, which is realized by storing patient data on a patient-fixed medium.

Sequences of emotions in patients with borderline personality disorder.

Publication Date: 
Jun 27, 2008

OBJECTIVE: To investigate sequences of emotions (temporal dependence of emotions) to identify specific patterns of borderline personality disorder (BPD).

[Efficiency of computer-based documentation in long-term care--preliminary project].

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Publication Date: 
Jul 08, 2008

In Germany the documentation of processes in long-term care is mainly paper-based. Planning, realization and evaluation are not supported in an optimal way. In a preliminary study we evaluated the consequences of the introduction of a computer-based documentation system using handheld devices.