Assessing Mobile Health Capacity and Task Shifting Strategies to Improve Hypertension Among Ghanaian Stroke Survivors.

Publication Date: 
Jan 01, 0000

BACKGROUND: There has been a tremendous surge in stroke prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa. Hypertension (HTN), the most potent, modifiable risk factor for stroke, is a particular challenge in sub-Saharan Africa.

Learning the ABCs of pregnancy and newborn care through mobile technology.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Dec 17, 2015

BACKGROUND: The diffusion of mobile phones in low- and middle-income countries has taken place faster than any other infrastructural development.

A usability study of a mobile health application for rural Ghanaian midwives.

Publication Date: 
Apr 04, 2014

INTRODUCTION: Midwives in rural Ghana work at the frontline of the health care system, where they have access to essential data about the patient population.

Mobile phones and social structures: an exploration of a closed user group in rural Ghana.

Publication Date: 
Nov 15, 2013

BACKGROUND: In the Millennium Villages Project site of Bonsaaso, Ghana, the Health Team is using a mobile phone closed user group to place calls amongst one another at no cost.

Social determinants of rest deprivation amongst Ghanaian women: national and urban-rural comparisons with data from a cross-sectional nationally representative survey.

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Publication Date: 
Oct 12, 2010

BACKGROUND: Rest deprivation (rest/napping/sleep 6 or less hours daily) is a clinically recognised risk factor for poor health, but its epidemiology is little studied. This study reports prevalence's and social correlates of rest deprivation in Ghana.