Happiness and the patterns of life: a study of geolocated tweets.

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Publication Date: 
Sep 12, 2013

The patterns of life exhibited by large populations have been described and modeled both as a basic science exercise and for a range of applied goals such as reducing automotive congestion, improving disaster response, and even predicting the location of individuals.

Sequences of emotions in patients with borderline personality disorder.

Publication Date: 
Jun 27, 2008

OBJECTIVE: To investigate sequences of emotions (temporal dependence of emotions) to identify specific patterns of borderline personality disorder (BPD).

A digital smoking cessation program delivered through internet and cell phone without nicotine replacement (happy ending): randomized controlled trial.

Publication Date: 
Dec 17, 2008

BACKGROUND: Happy Ending (HE) is an intense 1-year smoking cessation program delivered via the Internet and cell phone. HE consists of more than 400 contacts by email, Web pages, interactive voice response, and short message service technology.

Pursuing happiness in everyday life: the characteristics and behaviors of online happiness seekers.

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Publication Date: 
Dec 12, 2012

Although the last decade has witnessed mounting research on the development and evaluation of positive interventions, investigators still know little about the target population of such interventions: happiness seekers.