Health Status Indicators

Utilizing mHealth methods to identify patterns of high risk illicit drug use.

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Publication Date: 
May 27, 2015

INTRODUCTION: We assessed patterns of illicit drug use using mobile health (mHealth) methods and subsequent health care indicators among drug users in Baltimore, MD.

Telephone-delivered collaborative care for treating post-CABG depression: a randomized controlled trial.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 20, 2009

CONTEXT: Depressive symptoms commonly follow coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery and are associated with less positive clinical outcomes.

OBJECTIVE: To test the effectiveness of telephone-delivered collaborative care for post-CABG depression vs usual physician care.

Inclusion of mobile telephone numbers into an ongoing population health survey in New South Wales, Australia, using an overlapping dual-frame design: impact on the time series.

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Publication Date: 
Aug 16, 2014

BACKGROUND: Since 1997, the NSW Population Health Survey (NSWPHS) had selected the sample using random digit dialing of landline telephone numbers. When the survey began coverage of the population by landline phone frames was high (96%).

Health monitors for chronic disease by gait analysis with mobile phones.

Publication Date: 
Nov 11, 2014

We have developed GaitTrack, a phone application to detect health status while the smartphone is carried normally. GaitTrack software monitors walking patterns, using only accelerometers embedded in phones to record spatiotemporal motion, without the need for sensors external to the phone.

The cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation support delivered by mobile phone text messaging: Txt2stop.

Publication Date: 
Aug 26, 2013

BACKGROUND: The txt2stop trial has shown that mobile-phone-based smoking cessation support doubles biochemically validated quitting at 6 months. This study examines the cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation support delivered by mobile phone text messaging.

Self-assessments of patients via Tablet PC in routine patient care: comparison with standardised paper questionnaires.

Publication Date: 
Nov 13, 2008

OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the feasibility of electronic data capture of self-administered patient questionnaires using a Tablet PC for integration in routine patient management; we also compared these data with results received from corresponding paper-pencil versions.

A home environment test battery for status assessment in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease.

Publication Date: 
Mar 15, 2010

A test battery for assessing patient state in advanced Parkinson's disease, consisting of self-assessments and motor tests, was constructed and implemented on a hand computer with touch screen in a telemedicine setting.