Hospitals, Rural

Implementing patient safety initiatives in rural hospitals.

Publication Date: 
Sep 28, 2009

Implementation of patient safety initiatives can be costly in time and energy. Because of small volumes and limited resources, rural hospitals often are not included in nationally driven patient safety initiatives.

Barriers to rural physician use of a digital health sciences library.

Publication Date: 
Jan 12, 1999

BACKGROUND: Rural physicians need access to quality medical information, but accessing information is difficult in rural settings. Digital health sciences libraries (DHSLs) offer the potential to make information more accessible to rural physicians.

Web-based morbidity and mortality conferencing: a model for rural medical education.

Publication Date: 
Jun 14, 2011

Transfer of patients from rural emergency departments to tertiary centers can improve outcomes. The transfer process is complex and often ad hoc, inefficient, duplicative, and frustrating to both patients and providers.