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Outcomes of Spoke-Retained Telestroke Patients Versus Hub-Treated Patients After Intravenous Thrombolysis: Telestroke Patient Outcomes After Thrombolysis.

Publication Date: 
Oct 27, 2015

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The outcomes of patients remaining at a community spoke hospital after tissue-type plasminogen activator treatment via telemedicine are unclear. Our aim was to compare medical outcomes between these patients and those treated at a hub stroke center.

What device should be used for telementoring? Randomized controlled trial.

Publication Date: 
Jul 21, 2015

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The paper analyzes behavioral patterns of mentors while using different mentoring devices to demonstrate the feasibility of multi-platform mentoring.

Use of handheld computers as bedside information providers.

Publication Date: 
Oct 17, 2001

Access to clinical reference information at the point-of-care is a goal that is difficult to achieve by lack of really portable reference material.

Understanding usage patterns of handheld computers in clinical practice.

Publication Date: 
Dec 04, 2002

Handheld computers are commonly used in clinical practice and often considered invaluable by physicians. Though full of promise, the technology is still costly and literature assessing its real use in clinical practice remains scarce.

Implementing wireless evaluation in a hospital-based OSCE center.

Publication Date: 
Jan 19, 2004

To provide an effective and efficient means to gather assessment data during Objective Structured Clinical Examinations [OSCEs] and integrate the data into ANGEL, the Indiana University School of Medicine's [IUSM] curriculum management system, a wireless approach using PDAs was selected, con

The effectiveness of the installation of a mobile voice communication system in a university hospital.

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Publication Date: 
May 18, 2006

In large hospitals, collaborative clinical practice is currently emphasized, with members of various departments expected to work as a team. The importance of accurate communication among the team members is of utmost importance.