Logistic Models

[Willingness to Receive Text Message Appointment Reminders Among Patients With HIV Infection].

Publication Date: 
Jan 27, 2016

BACKGROUND: Wireless communication technologies are increasingly being used in the fields of healthcare, with platforms such as mobile health (mHealth) being widely implemented in HIV care.

Automatic and objective assessment of alternating tapping performance in Parkinson's disease.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Dec 19, 2013

This paper presents the development and evaluation of a method for enabling quantitative and automatic scoring of alternating tapping performance of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD).

Tobacco smoking surveillance: is quota sampling an efficient tool for monitoring national trends? A comparison with a random cross-sectional survey.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 06, 2013

OBJECTIVES: It is crucial for policy makers to monitor the evolution of tobacco smoking prevalence. In France, this monitoring is based on a series of cross-sectional general population surveys, the Health Barometers, conducted every five years and based on random samples.

Measurement-based modeling of contact forces and textures for haptic rendering.

Publication Date: 
Jan 14, 2011

Haptic texture represents the fine-grained attributes of an object's surface and is related to physical characteristics such as roughness and stiffness.

Screen time increases risk of overweight and obesity in active and inactive 9-year-old Irish children: a cross sectional analysis.

Publication Date: 
Sep 19, 2014

BACKGROUND: Independent associations between screen time (ST)/physical activity (PA) and overweight (OW)/obesity have been demonstrated but little research exists on the role of ST among sufficiently active children.