Medication Errors

An integrated drug prescription and distribution system: challenges and opportunities.

Publication Date: 
Apr 02, 2004

Using the hospital's drug prescription and distribution system as a guide, benefits and drawbacks of a medical activity management system that is tightly integrated with the supply chain management of a hospital will be discussed from the point of view of various participating healthcare act

Quality assurance and effectiveness of the medication process through tablet computers?

Publication Date: 
Aug 09, 2012

Medication errors during admission to hospitals pose a significant problem. Most of the severe medication errors may be related to dispensation and administration. The medication errors may be induced by cost savings and staff reduction characterizing the current health care system.

Development and testing of an observational method for detecting medication administration errors using information technology.

Publication Date: 
Jul 13, 2009

One-third of medication errors that cause patient harm arise from medication administration errors (MAEs). Research regarding rates of MAEs is limited and has predominantly relied upon voluntary incident reports or observational studies.

The impact of mobile handheld technology on hospital physicians' work practices and patient care: a systematic review.

Publication Date: 
Nov 10, 2009

The substantial growth in mobile handheld technologies has heralded the opportunity to provide physicians with access to information, resources, and people at the right time and place. But is this technology delivering the benefits to workflow and patient care promised by increased mobility?