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A review of the use of information and communication technologies for dietary assessment.

Publication Date: 
Jul 14, 2009

Presently used dietary-assessment methods often present difficulties for researchers and respondents, and misreporting errors are common. Methods using information and communication technologies (ICT) may improve quality and accuracy.

Motivation, depression, and naturalistic time-based prospective remembering.

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Publication Date: 
Sep 29, 2009

This study investigated the effect of a motivational manipulation on naturalistic time-based prospective memory (PM) task performance. The association between depression and PM task performance was also investigated.

Should anti-tobacco media messages be culturally targeted for Indigenous populations? A systematic review and narrative synthesis.

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Publication Date: 
Jun 13, 2013

OBJECTIVE: To summarise published empirical research on culturally targeted anti-tobacco media messages for Indigenous or First Nations people and examine the evidence for the effectiveness of targeted and non-targeted campaigns.

Marketplace of memory: what the brain fitness technology industry says about us and how we can do better.

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Publication Date: 
Sep 28, 2011

In the therapeutic void created by over 20 failed Alzheimer's disease drugs during the past decade, a new marketplace of "brain fitness" technology products has emerged.

Spatial recall improved by retrieval enactment.

Publication Date: 
May 19, 2009

Evidence from studies of intentional learning suggests that the accuracy of recall is not assisted by appropriate enactment at retrieval, as opposed to encoding.

SMS text messaging as a means of increasing recall of therapy goals in brain injury rehabilitation: a single-blind within-subjects trial.

Publication Date: 
Dec 16, 2009

A single-blind within-subjects trial was used to test the efficacy of sending SMS text messages to patients with a traumatic brain injury as a means of improving their recall of rehabilitation goals.

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How well do adolescents recall use of mobile telephones? Results of a validation study.

Publication Date: 
Jun 29, 2009

BACKGROUND: In the last decade mobile telephone use has become more widespread among children. Concerns expressed about possible health risks have led to epidemiological studies investigating adverse health outcomes associated with mobile telephone use.