National Health Programs

Comparing a paper based monitoring and evaluation system to a mHealth system to support the national community health worker programme, South Africa: an evaluation.

Publication Date: 
Sep 02, 2014

BACKGROUND: In an attempt to address a complex disease burden, including improving progress towards MDGs 4 and 5, South Africa recently introduced a re-engineered Primary Health Care (PHC) strategy, which has led to the development of a national community health worker (CHW) programme.

The national mobile health worker project in England.

Publication Date: 
Jun 19, 2014

Community services provide essential care to many, often vulnerable, people, families and communities along the spectrum from health promotion to end of life care.

Developing prediction equations and a mobile phone application to identify infants at risk of obesity.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Aug 13, 2013

BACKGROUND: Advancements in knowledge of obesity aetiology and mobile phone technology have created the opportunity to develop an electronic tool to predict an infant's risk of childhood obesity.

Time and motion study of anesthesiologists' workflow in German hospitals.

Publication Date: 
Oct 21, 2011

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to investigate anesthesiologists' workflow in real time.

METHODS: Anesthesiologists were observed for a total of 60 workdays. All tasks performed during this time were recorded in real time.