Nurse Practitioners

The development of an online clinical log for advanced practice nursing students: a case study.

Publication Date: 
Oct 03, 2007

Three years ago at the Medinfo conference a prototype version of a clinical log for nursing students at Vanderbilt University was demonstrated. The purpose of the log is to document the types of clinical experiences the students are participating in as part of their academic program.

Value of wireless personal digital assistants for practice: perceptions of advanced practice nurses.

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Publication Date: 
Aug 18, 2008

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The aims were to explore advanced practice nurses' perceptions on wireless Personal Digital Assistant technologies, to establish the type and range of tools that would be useful to support their practice and to identify any requirements and limitations that may impact th

Preferences for continuing education through existing electronic access for Australian nurse practitioners and its implication in prescribing potential.

Publication Date: 
Jul 08, 2009

BACKGROUND: Little is known about Australian Nurse Practitioners (NPs) perceptions of the importance of continuing education (CE), their preferred methods to undertake CE in relation to prescribing practices or their access to electronic resources at work.