Nursing Homes

Use and perceived benefits of mobile devices by physicians in preventing adverse drug events in the nursing home.

Publication Date: 
Nov 29, 2013

OBJECTIVE: Although mobile devices equipped with drug reference software may help prevent adverse drug events (ADEs) in the nursing home (NH) by providing medication information at the point of care, little is known about their use and perceived benefits.

Portable gage for pressure ulcer detection.

Publication Date: 
Oct 23, 2007

Pressure ulcers are widely considered to be a critical problem in rehabilitation since they result in severe discomfort and high healthcare cost. The prevention of pressure ulcers is a constant preoccupation for every nursing team.

[Efficiency of computer-based documentation in long-term care--preliminary project].

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Publication Date: 
Jul 08, 2008

In Germany the documentation of processes in long-term care is mainly paper-based. Planning, realization and evaluation are not supported in an optimal way. In a preliminary study we evaluated the consequences of the introduction of a computer-based documentation system using handheld devices.