Occupational Health

Mobile real-time data acquisition system for application in preventive medicine.

Publication Date: 
May 28, 2010

In this article, the development of a system for online monitoring of a subject's physiological parameters and subjective workload regardless of location has been presented, which allows for studies on occupational health.

Mental symptoms and the use of new technical equipment.

Publication Date: 
Dec 16, 2009

The aim of this paper was to present how mental symptoms are connected to the use of desktop, portable or minicomputers (communicators and hand-held computers), mobile phones, and background information such as age and gender in the Finnish working-age population.

[The hospital organization as the staff see it].

Publication Date: 
Oct 04, 2002

BACKGROUND: Reorganisation has become the slogan of how to improve health service without increasing expenses. The question is whether we have the knowledge necessary to build good hospital organisations.