Organizational Culture

Students' perspectives on cyber bullying.

Publication Date: 
Nov 30, 2007

The aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of the impact of cyber bullying on students and the possible need for prevention messages targeting students, educators, and parents.

An experience sampling study of learning, affect, and the demands control support model.

Publication Date: 
Jul 14, 2009

The demands control support model (R. A. Karasek & T. Theorell, 1990) indicates that job control and social support enable workers to engage in problem solving. In turn, problem solving is thought to influence learning and well-being (e.g., anxious affect, activated pleasant affect).

Applying a framework for assessing the health system challenges to scaling up mHealth in South Africa.

Publication Date: 
Jan 01, 2013

BACKGROUND: Mobile phone technology has demonstrated the potential to improve health service delivery, but there is little guidance to inform decisions about acquiring and implementing mHealth technology at scale in health systems.

The IT culture. How's yours coming?

Publication Date: 
Feb 06, 2003

Sure, you've invested in information technology. But do you really understand it? Is IT essential to your organization's success? Is your thinking about IT truly forward-thinking? Or do you end up with a lot of gizmos that, despite being really cool, just don't get used?

What is the point of the point-of-care? A case study of user resistance to an e-health system.

Publication Date: 
Feb 07, 2011

The purpose of this article is to explore the response of nurses to a point-of-care e-health system that was implemented in a large private hospital in South Africa, to determine why the nursing staff rejected the implementation of the system.