Client perceptions of the mental health engagement network: a qualitative analysis of an electronic personal health record.

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Publication Date: 
Oct 15, 2015

BACKGROUND: Information technologies such as websites, mobile phone applications, and virtual reality programs have been shown to deliver innovative and effective treatments for mental illness.

How Consumers and Physicians View New Medical Technology: Comparative Survey.

Publication Date: 
Sep 15, 2015

BACKGROUND: As a result of the digital revolution coming to medicine, a number of new tools are becoming available and are starting to be introduced in clinical practice.

Interventional decentralized telemonitoring: bridging the gap between patient's device and physician's needs in well selected indications.

Publication Date: 
Apr 02, 2015

Telemedicine comprises different concepts aiming to close a spatial distance between practitioner, medical staff and patient. It's functionality can include mere data transmission but extend as well to triggering alarms or enable consultation and therapy suggestions.

Acceptance of information and communication technologies for healthcare delivery: a SingHealth Polyclinics study.

Publication Date: 
Jun 30, 2009

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to determine the prevalence of short message system (SMS) and internet usage in patients visiting the SingHealth Polyclinics and to measure patients' acceptance of using these technologies in healthcare delivery.

Using the patient engagement framework to develop an institutional mobile health strategy.

Publication Date: 
Aug 14, 2013

An increasing number of patients with chronic conditions present a challenge to the health care system in the United States and around the globe. The numbers of chronically ill patients who have mobile phones are also on the rise.

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Oncology information on the Internet.

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Apr 26, 2012

Owing to new developments in Internet technologies, the amount of available oncology information is growing. Both patients and caregivers are increasingly using the Internet to obtain medical information. However, while it is easy to provide information, ensuring its quality is always a concern.