Mobile phones as a health communication tool to improve skilled attendance at delivery in Zanzibar: a cluster-randomised controlled trial.

Publication Date: 
Aug 13, 2012

OBJECTIVE: To examine the association between a mobile phone intervention and skilled delivery attendance in a resource-limited setting.

DESIGN: Pragmatic cluster-randomised controlled trial with primary healthcare facilities as the unit of randomisation.

Implementation of foetal e-health monitoring system through biotelemetry.

Publication Date: 
Aug 30, 2012

Continuous foetal monitoring of physiological signals is of particular importance for early detection of complexities related to the foetus or the mother's health.

Text4baby: development and implementation of a national text messaging health information service.

Publication Date: 
Nov 08, 2012

Text4baby is the first free national health text messaging service in the United States that aims to provide timely information to pregnant women and new mothers to help them improve their health and the health of their babies.

Pilot evaluation of the text4baby mobile health program.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Feb 12, 2013

BACKGROUND: Mobile phone technologies for health promotion and disease prevention have evolved rapidly, but few studies have tested the efficacy of mobile health in full-fledged programs.

Mobile phone messaging for preventive health care.

Publication Date: 
Dec 13, 2012

BACKGROUND: Preventive health care promotes health and prevents disease or injuries by addressing factors that lead to the onset of a disease, and by detecting latent conditions to reduce or halt their progression.

[Studies on a handheld computer system for perinatal care].

Publication Date: 
Oct 10, 1985

The present paper demonstrates a handheld computer system for use in perinatal care. The features of the system are as follows: The gestational age and fetal body weight were determined by analyzing the data from ultrasonography with the high-order regressive equation.