Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic

Assessing the feasibility of eHealth and mHealth: a systematic review and analysis of initiatives implemented in Kenya.

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Publication Date: 
Feb 10, 2017

BACKGROUND: The growth of Information and Communication Technology in Kenya has facilitated implementation of a large number of eHealth projects in a bid to cost-effectively address health and health system challenges.

Mobile Telephone Text Messaging for Medication Adherence in Chronic Disease: A Meta-analysis.

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Publication Date: 
Mar 08, 2016

IMPORTANCE: Adherence to long-term therapies in chronic disease is poor. Traditional interventions to improve adherence are complex and not widely effective. Mobile telephone text messaging may be a scalable means to support medication adherence.

Systematic review of telemonitoring in COPD: an update.

Publication Date: 
Nov 12, 2015

Telemedicine may support individual care plans in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), potentially improving the clinical outcomes. To-date there is no clear evidence of benefit of telemedicine in this patients.

Nonpharmacological treatments for patients with Parkinson's disease.

Publication Date: 
Sep 16, 2015

Since 2013, a number of studies have enhanced the literature and have guided clinicians on viable treatment interventions outside of pharmacotherapy and surgery.