Smoking Cessation

Prevalence and Frequency of mHealth and eHealth Use Among US and UK Smokers and Differences by Motivation to Quit.

Publication Date: 
Jul 07, 2015

BACKGROUND: Both mHealth and eHealth interventions for smoking cessation are rapidly being developed and tested. There are no data on use of mHealth and eHealth technologies by smokers in general or by smokers who are not motivated to quit smoking.

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Comparative and cost effectiveness of telemedicine versus telephone counseling for smoking cessation.

Publication Date: 
May 09, 2015

BACKGROUND: In rural America, cigarette smoking is prevalent and health care providers lack the time and resources to help smokers quit. Telephone quitlines are important avenues for cessation services in rural areas, but they are poorly integrated with local health care resources.

Text messaging for addiction: a review.

Publication Date: 
May 08, 2015

Individuals seeking treatment for addiction often experience barriers due to cost, lack of local treatment resources, or either school or work schedule conflicts. Text-messaging-based addiction treatment is inexpensive and has the potential to be widely accessible in real time.

Mechanisms of change associated with technology-based interventions for substance use.

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Publication Date: 
Apr 06, 2015

BACKGROUND: Technology-based interventions (TBIs) for substance use disorders have been increasing steadily. The mechanisms by which TBIs produce change in substance use outcomes have not been reviewed.

Patient and professional user experiences of simple telehealth for hypertension, medication reminders and smoking cessation: a service evaluation.

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Publication Date: 
Mar 21, 2015

OBJECTIVES: To establish patient and professional user satisfaction with the Advice & Interactive Messaging (AIM) for Health programme delivered using a mobile phone-based, simple telehealth intervention, 'Florence'.

Efficacy of SMS Text Message Interventions for Smoking Cessation: A Meta-Analysis.

Publication Date: 
Jul 28, 2015

BACKGROUND: Mobile technology provides new opportunities for health promotion communication. The purpose of this study was to conduct a current and extensive meta-analytic review of SMS (short message service) text message-based interventions for individual smoking cessation.