Effect of mobile phone-based psychotherapy in suicide prevention: a randomized controlled trial in Sri Lanka.

Publication Date: 
Apr 16, 2012

We conducted a randomized controlled trial to test whether a Brief Mobile Treatment (BMT) intervention could improve outcomes relative to usual care among suicide attempters.

An adolescent suicide cluster and the possible role of electronic communication technology.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Jul 23, 2012

BACKGROUND: Since the development of Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines for the management of suicide clusters, the use of electronic communication technologies has increased dramatically.

Technology-based suicide prevention: current applications and future directions.

Publication Date: 
Feb 07, 2011

This review reports on current and emerging technologies for suicide prevention. Technology-based programs discussed include interactive educational and social networking Web sites, e-mail outreach, and programs that use mobile devices and texting.

Planned complex suicide: self-strangulation and fall from height.

Publication Date: 
Sep 12, 2011

We hereby present a case of planned complex suicide. In this case study, we report a teen-aged girl who committed suicide by strangulating herself, and subsequently fell from the 13th floor of a housing apartment.