Survival Analysis

Analysing clinical studies: principles, practice and pitfalls of Kaplan-Meier plots.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Feb 13, 2008

THE PROBLEM: The conventional method for estimating survival over time following an episode of disease or treatment is the Kaplan-Meier (K-M) technique, which results in a step-down survival plot, with upper and lower bounds of 1.0 and 0, respectively.

Design of a randomized trial to evaluate the influence of mobile phone reminders on adherence to first line antiretroviral treatment in South India--the HIVIND study protocol.

Publication Date: 
Apr 23, 2010

BACKGROUND: Poor adherence to antiretroviral treatment has been a public health challenge associated with the treatment of HIV. Although different adherence-supporting interventions have been reported, their long term feasibility in low income settings remains uncertain.