Women's Health

Harnessing information technology to improve women's health information: evidence from Pakistan.

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Publication Date: 
Sep 09, 2014

BACKGROUND: More than half of Pakistani women are illiterate, marginalized, and experience myriad health problems. These women are also disadvantaged in terms of their restricted mobility and limited access to public space.

Mobile phone text messaging to promote healthy behaviors and weight loss maintenance: a feasibility study.

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Publication Date: 
Feb 16, 2009

There is a need to investigate newer strategies pertaining to the maintenance of healthy behaviors and weight. We investigated the feasibility of mobile phone text messaging to enable ongoing communication with African-American women participating in a weight management program.

Improving communication with low-income women using today's technology.

Publication Date: 
Jun 12, 2012

The authors of this article examine reasons for missed appointments and preferences for appointment reminders among inner city obstetrics and gynecology clinic patients having a high missed-appointment rate.

Web-based curriculum. A practical and effective strategy for teaching women's health.

Publication Date: 
Feb 07, 2005

OBJECTIVE: To address the need for women's health education by designing, implementing, and evaluating a self-study, web-based women's health curriculum.

Personal digital assistants, wireless computing, smart cards, and biometrics: a hardware update for clinical practice.

Publication Date: 
Feb 09, 2006

This paper introduces current and future information technology tools for health care with a focus on perinatal and women's health areas of nursing. The technologies include personal digital assistants, wireless computing, smart cards, biometrics, and storage cards.