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The ALMANACH Project: Preliminary Results and potentiality from Afghanistan

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May 14, 2018
ALMANACH (ALgorithms for the MANagement of Acute CHildhood illnesses) is an electronic version of IMCI (Integrated Management of Childhood Illness) running on tablets.

The Role of Digital Health to Support the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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May 14, 2018
On September 2015, the 193 United Nations member states agreed to continue their progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), started in the year 2000.

Integrating mHealth at point of care in low- and middle-income settings: the system perspective.

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Aug 25, 2017

While the field represents a wide spectrum of products and services, many aspects of mHealth have great promise within resource-poor settings: there is an extensive range of cheap, widely available tools which can be used at the point of care delivery.

Information and Communication Technologies, Prenatal Care Services and Neonatal Health

We implemented arandomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of SMS  containing  prenatal  care  visits reminders and  suggested  healthy  practicesduring pregnancy in the Ventanilla district in Peru.  Overall, our main findings suggestthat SMS increased the number of prenatal care visits by 5 percent and the number of prenatal care visits attended on time by 10 percent. However, these effects are stronger for more educated women with easier access to health centers.
Diether W. Beuermann, Rafael Anta, Patricia Garcia, Alessandro Maffioli, Jose Perez Lu, Maria Fernanda Rodrigo
May 2015


Linking community members with the health system to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health outcomes in Malawi: In Malawi, a woman has a one in 34 chance of dying during childbirth1 while 71 children die for every 1,000 live births2 . Knowing where to go for care and when to seek care are integral to reducing maternal and child mortality rates.
Zachariah Jezman, Jessica Crawford
March 9, 2016

Where there is no phone: The benefits and limitations of using intermediaries to extend the reach of mHealth to individuals without personal phones in Malaw

The purpose of this study is to identify the benefits and limitations associated with intermediaries to provide access to and increase utilization of an mHealth intervention amongst people without personal phones in Balaka District, Malawi. A mixed-methods approach was utilized including quantitative data on usage and focus groups and interviews with users and volunteers. Community volunteers equipped with mobile phones served as intermediaries and were critical access points to the service for users without personal phones.
Erin Larsen-Cooper1,a , Emily Bancrofta , Maggie O’Tooleb and Zachariah Jezmanc

SMS versus voice messaging to deliver MNCH communication in rural Malawi: assessment of delivery success and user experience

To determine the difference in delivery success of health messages delivered through pushed SMS, pushed voice messages sent to personal phones, and voice messages retrieved from a community phone (“retrieved voice messaging”), as well as the difference in quality of the user experience.We analyzed the project's electronic monitoring data between September 2011 and June 2013, including demographics, enrollment data, and messages sent and successfully delivered.
Jessica Crawforda⇑, Erin Larsen-Cooperb, Zachariah Jezmana, Stacey C Cunninghamc, Emily Bancroftb
January 28, 2014

Helping mothers to get the message about influenza: are texts the future for increased immunization?

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Feb 16, 2015

Pregnant women and children are at increased risk of severe influenza infections. Despite existing recommendations, uptake of influenza vaccine in these vulnerable groups remains low. Text message reminder-recalls are a feasible and scalable method for promoting influenza vaccination.