Planning and coordination

Humanitarian health computing using artificial intelligence and social media: A narrative literature review

Publication Date: 
May 14, 2018
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 130 million people are in constant need of humanitarian assistance due to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and conflicts, among other factors.

mHealth information for migrants: an e-health intervention for internal migrants in Vietnam.

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Publication Date: 
May 16, 2016

BACKGROUND: Socio-economic development in Vietnam has resulted in increased internal migration particularly among young women seeking employment opportunities in cities.

Development and internal validation of a multivariable model to predict perinatal death in pregnancy hypertension.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 24, 2015

OBJECTIVE: To develop and internally validate a prognostic model for perinatal death that could guide community-based antenatal care of women with a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy (HDP) in low-resourced settings as part of a mobile health application.

Scale Matters: A Cost-Outcome Analysis of an m-Health Intervention in Malawi.

Publication Date: 
Mar 24, 2016

BACKGROUND: The primary objectives of this study are to determine cost per user and cost per contact with users of a mobile health (m-health) intervention.

Diagnosis and management of Transposition of great arteries within a pediatric cardiology network with the aid of telemedicine: A case report from Brazil.

Publication Date: 
Mar 16, 2016

We present a case of a newborn from a remote, underserved area in the inland of Paraíba, a state from Northeast Brazil. She presented with clinical cyanosis at birth. With the aid of telemedicine, a neonatologist under online cardiology supervision performed a screening echocardiogram.

Health worker perceptions of integrating mobile phones into community case management of malaria in Saraya, Senegal.

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Publication Date: 
May 12, 2015

BACKGROUND: Although community case management of malaria increases access to life-saving care in isolated settings, it contends with many logistical challenges. Mobile phone health information technology may present an opportunity to address a number of these barriers.

mHealth innovations as health system strengthening tools: 12 common applications and a visual framework.

Publication Date: 
Oct 03, 2014

This new framework lays out 12 common mHealth applications used as health systems strengthening innovations across the reproductive health continuum.

Using short message service text reminders to reduce 'did not attend' rates in sexual health and HIV appointment clinics.

Publication Date: 
Mar 06, 2014

'Did not attend' and cancellation rates were compared for two 12-month periods before (2009) and after (2012/2013) the introduction of routine short message service text reminders being sent to patients who have pre-booked appointments.