Brendryen, Håvar

A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet-Based Alcohol Intervention in a Workplace Setting.

Publication Date: 
Jul 29, 2017

PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of a brief and an intensive self-help alcohol intervention and to assess the feasibility of recruiting to such interventions in a workplace setting.

How a Fully Automated eHealth Program Simulates Three Therapeutic Processes: A Case Study.

Publication Date: 
Jun 29, 2016

BACKGROUND: eHealth programs may be better understood by breaking down the components of one particular program and discussing its potential for interactivity and tailoring in regard to concepts from face-to-face counseling.

Balance--a pragmatic randomized controlled trial of an online intensive self-help alcohol intervention.

Publication Date: 
Jan 15, 2014

AIMS: To compare a brief versus a brief plus intensive self-help version of 'Balance', a fully automated online alcohol intervention, on self-reported alcohol consumption.

Constructing a Theory- and Evidence-Based Treatment Rationale for Complex eHealth Interventions: Development of an Online Alcohol Intervention Using an Intervention Mapping Approach.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Apr 24, 2013

BACKGROUND: Due to limited reporting of intervention rationale, little is known about what distinguishes a good intervention from a poor one. To support improved design, there is a need for comprehensive reports on novel and complex theory-based interventions.

Happy ending: a randomized controlled trial of a digital multi-media smoking cessation intervention.

Publication Date: 
Feb 13, 2008

AIMS: To assess the long-term efficacy of a fully automated digital multi-media smoking cessation intervention.

DESIGN: Two-arm randomized control trial (RCT). Setting World Wide Web (WWW) study based in Norway.

A digital smoking cessation program delivered through internet and cell phone without nicotine replacement (happy ending): randomized controlled trial.

Publication Date: 
Dec 17, 2008

BACKGROUND: Happy Ending (HE) is an intense 1-year smoking cessation program delivered via the Internet and cell phone. HE consists of more than 400 contacts by email, Web pages, interactive voice response, and short message service technology.