Ho, Kendall

Applying the Resilient Health System Framework for Universal Health Coverage.

Publication Date: 
Oct 26, 2016

Since the 1978 Declaration of Alma-Ata affirming health as a fundamental human right, policy-makers and stakeholders have proposed many different strategies to achieve the goal of 'health for all'.

Short message service (SMS) interventions for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections: a systematic review protocol.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Jan 29, 2014

BACKGROUND: Globally, the incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STI) is rising, posing a challenge to its control and appropriate management. Text messaging has become the most common mode of communication among almost six billion mobile phone users worldwide.

The impact of a personal digital assistant (PDA) case log in a medical student clerkship.

Publication Date: 
Feb 25, 2010

BACKGROUND: Medical education literature emphasizes that reflection and self-audit are pivotal steps in learning and that personal digital assistants (PDAs) have potential as decision support tools.