Khatun, Fatema

Knowledge, attitudes and intention regarding mHealth in generation Y: evidence from a population based cross sectional study in Chakaria, Bangladesh.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 17, 2017

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: mHealth offers a new opportunity to ensure access to qualified healthcare providers. Therefore, to better understand its potential in Bangladesh, it is important to understand how young people use mobile phones for healthcare.

Gender differentials in readiness and use of mHealth services in a rural area of Bangladesh.

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Publication Date: 
Aug 19, 2017

BACKGROUND: Traditional gender roles result in women lagging behind men in the use of modern technologies, especially in developing countries.

Impact of mobile phone-based technology to improve health, population and nutrition services in Rural Bangladesh: a study protocol.

Publication Date: 
Jul 07, 2017

BACKGROUND: Mobile phone-based technology has been used in improving the delivery of healthcare services in many countries. However, data on the effects of this technology on improving primary healthcare services in resource-poor settings are limited.

Community readiness for adopting mHealth in rural Bangladesh: A qualitative exploration.

Publication Date: 
Jul 20, 2016

INTRODUCTION: There are increasing numbers of mHealth initiatives in middle and low income countries aimed at improving health outcomes. Bangladesh is no exception with more than 20 mobile health (mHealth) initiatives in place.

Experience of using mHealth to link village doctors with physicians: lessons from Chakaria, Bangladesh.

Publication Date: 
Aug 05, 2015

BACKGROUND: Bangladesh is facing serious shortage of trained health professionals. In the pluralistic healthcare system of Bangladesh, formal health care providers constitute only 5 % of the total workforce; the rest are informal health care providers.

Determinants of readiness to adopt mHealth in a rural community of Bangladesh.

Publication Date: 
Aug 24, 2015

INTRODUCTION: Evidence in favor of mHealth for healthcare delivery in settings where trained health workforce is limited or unavailable is accumulating.

mHealth for Smoking Cessation Programs: A Systematic Review.

Publication Date: 
Jan 07, 2015

mHealth transforms healthcare delivery around the world due to its affordability and right time availability. It has been used for delivery of various smoking cessation programs and interventions over the past decade.