Kordy, Hans

Use of text messaging for monitoring sugar-sweetened beverages, physical activity, and screen time in children: a pilot study.

Publication Date: 
Nov 05, 2008

OBJECTIVE: To examine acceptability, attrition, adherence, and preliminary efficacy of mobile phone short message service (SMS; text messaging) for monitoring healthful behaviors in children.

Short message service reduces dropout in childhood obesity treatment: a randomized controlled trial.

Publication Date: 
Nov 15, 2012

OBJECTIVE: Lifestyle programs can reduce the level of overweight in children; however, maintenance results and adherence to treatment are difficult to achieve. New technologies, such as the Short Message Service (SMS), might be a promising tool for enhancing interventions.

Technology-enhanced maintenance of treatment gains in eating disorders: efficacy of an intervention delivered via text messaging.

Publication Date: 
Jul 24, 2012

OBJECTIVE: Given the lack of maintenance interventions for eating disorders, a program delivered via the short message service (SMS) and text messaging was developed to support patients after their discharge from inpatient treatment.